The Endowment Challenge Fund was founded by Endeavour Foundation in 2009 to fund activities which live outside Endeavour Foundation’s normal day-to-day activities. The Endowment Challenge Fund was established under a separate Charitable Trust and is governed by an independent Board.

Please note that Endowment Challenge Fund award recipients are not obligated to engage with Endeavour Foundation as a community partner for any research or project that is funded by the Endowment Challenge Fund. Applicants are welcome to approach Endeavour Foundation to explore a potential partnership; however, this needs to be negotiated separately and directly with Endeavour Foundation. If a partnership with Endeavour Foundation is established, this will have no influence on the outcome of the Endowment Challenge Fund assessment process.

The funds administered by the Endowment Challenge Fund are dependent on the generosity of our community, including fundraising events, donations and bequests. The Endowment Challenge Fund is a capital-preserved fund, where donations made to the fund are invested and the interest earned is used to support the Endowment Challenge Fund activities.

Assessment of applications to the Endowment Challenge Fund is undertaken by an independent Assessment Panel, made up of representatives from the academic, government and non-profit sectors. Panel members independently score each application against strict criteria then meet to determine the shortlist. Shortlisted applications go before the Endowment Challenge Fund Board, which undertakes and is responsible for final decisions.

The first competitive Grants Round was held in 2012. Read about the past grant winners here.

Grant Murdoch (Chair)

Grant was appointed Chair of the Endeavour Foundation Endowment Challenge Fund Board in 2009. He has more than 40 years’ experience as a chartered accountant. Grant is a director and chair of the audit committee of the listed company ALS, a director and member of the audit committee and chair of the remuneration committee of the listed company Cardno, a director and member of the audit committee of OZForex, a director and member of the audit committee of QIC, a director of UQ Holdings Ltd, a Senator of the University of Queensland and chair of the Risk committee, and an Adjunct Professor at The University of Queensland Business School. He is a member of the Committee of the University of Queensland Rugby Club and was a Board management member for the Queensland Deaf Society for 10 years. He is currently Chair of the Board of Endeavour Foundation.

Professor Nicholas Lennox

Professor Nick Lennox is Director, University of Queensland’s Centre for Intellectual & Developmental Disability and President of the Australian Association of Developmental Disability Medicine. He is a researcher, educator, advocate & medical clinician. He developed the Developmental Disability Therapeutic Guidelines Book, performed RCTs with people with intellectual disability and led the writing of part of the WHO World Report on Disability 2011. He developed and demonstrated the effectiveness of the Comprehensive Health Assessment Program or CHAP health check. Furthermore he successfully advocated for a change to Medicare to support GPs to perform the health check with people with intellectual disability.

Mary-Jeanne Hutchinson

Mary-Jeanne is a director of Craggy Range Winery and travels conducting tastings and wine dinners. A background in events and hospitality enables her to work closely with chefs, matching menus with wines to present both the food and wine at its best. Mary-Jeanne is also a board member of the Queensland Art Gallery/Gallery of Modern Art Foundation. Mary-Jeanne lives in Brisbane with her husband Scott and four children.

Eddy De Gabriele

Eddy De Gabriele has been involved in the Recruitment Industry since 1973 and created Edmen in 1990. In those early years Eddy worked as a Management Consultant within the Engineering Contractors Industry in the Illawarra. Eddy led the Edmen Group and quickly took it from a single small consultancy business to what it is today; a multi-faceted Service Business specialising in the Disability Support Sector across most of Australia with over 1800 rostered daily employees.

More recently Eddy has contributed to the Community by accepting senior Board Roles as; Chairman of Regional Development Australia Illawarra, Chairman of Football South Coast Association, Chairman of the Wollongong City Council’s convened, South Coast A-League Consortium, Director on the Fraternity Recreational Bowling Club, and Director on the Endeavour Endowment Challenge Fund. Previously Eddy was also Deputy President of the Illawarra Business Chamber and Chairman of Illawarra Area Consultative Committee.

David Barbagallo

David Barbagallo was instrumental in establishing the Endeavour Foundation Endowment Challenge Fund in 2009 after recognising a need to support greater investment in disability research and greater inclusion of people with a disability in community activities. In his other role as CEO of Endeavour Foundation David has devoted considerable time to issues associated with the introduction of the NDIS, including understanding the needs and aspirations of people with a disability and their families, workforce planning and staff development. David’s past roles include senior positions in industry, government and academia. He has degrees in Surveying and Technology Management and is an Adjunct Professor of Information Technology at Queensland University of Technology.